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Golf Lesson with Andy Montgomery

Golf Lesson with Andy Montgomery

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Andy has been the Director of Golf at both Kinsale and Scioto Reserve since 2006. Andy worked at other area clubs such as Riviera Golf Club and Tartan Fields. Andy is an accomplished teacher, as well as player. He has won numerous Southern Ohio PGA Golf Tournaments and has appeared in the National Professional Championship in 2014 and 2016. Andy has represented the Southern Ohio PGA on the Ohio Cup Team’s from 2013-2016. 

Andy enjoys teaching players of all abilities. He believes that golf is not just a swing but a game that is to be learned on the course. However, Andy has been trained from TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) as a Level 1 Certified Instructor and understands the body/swing connection. This allows him t be able to diagnose swing faults through each individuals physical limitations and how to correct them. He prides himself on making golf fun so you can enjoy it on the course while playing with your friends and family. 

For scheduling and more details, please contact Andy at a

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